West Park

West Park is a lare-19th-century public park, covering some 19 hectares. It was restored in the 1990s. The land now occupied by West Park was previously known as the Broad Meadows. From 1825 it had been used for horse racing, but in 1860 it was suggested that a municipal park be laid out on the site. Negotiations to buy the roughly 21 hectare site from the Duke of Cleveland were only successfully concluded in the later 1870s. A broad specification, influenced by Edouard Andre’s ideas about the integration of spaces for sports within parks, was decided upon. West Park opened in 1881.

It is a fine example of a Victorian municipal park and was one of the best in the country to set a trend for the provision of areas for specific sporting activities (originally bowls, archery and cricket). The park is considered to be one of the best, unspoilt examples of a Victorian park left in England and is Wolverhampton’s premier open space.

The park is 17 hectares (roughly 43 acres) in area (including its lake) and provides a beautifully landscaped green space within a ten minute walk of Wolverhampton city centre.



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