New Online Forum for County Gardens Trusts

We are writing with excitement to let you know that the Gardens Trust website (www.thegardenstrust.org) now has a facility for an online discussion group for County Gardens Trusts.

Click the link on the website’s home page and you will find full instructions for registering, starting new discussion threads and commenting on existing ones (see How to use the Forum, at http://thegardenstrust.org/conservation/forum/ ). Any user will be able to read existing posts, but will need to register if they would like to post. Registration is quick and simple, requiring only an email address and a username.

Anyone can use the Forum – you do not have to be a member of the Gardens Trust or a County Gardens Trust. We expect, however, that most users will be those who are actively volunteering for their CGT in some way and want to discuss issues with their counterparts in other Trusts. Please do consider sharing this email and the attached flyer amongst your members or running the flyer in your newsletter, either as the PDF flyer or as the few sentences at the bottom of this email.

The CGT Forum will be an easy-to-use networking platform for sharing ideas, experiences, questions and problems. These may include:

  • General networking – tell us all about your CGT’s problems and successes; perhaps plan joint projects/events with other CGTs.
  • Advice on how to undertake research and landscape survey; and questions or new information arising from your research.
  • Conservation and planning issues affecting historic designed landscapes.
  • Publicising your events and sharing ideas for future ones.
  • Queries about the set-up and day-to-day running of your CGT.

You will find five additional Forums on the webpage. These are intended mainly for non-CGT queries, but you are more than welcome to use any of them. For example, any CGTs planning events to celebrate Humphry Repton’s bicentenary in 2018 might find the Repton Forum of use.

The new County Gardens Trust Forum will replace our previous Yahoo email discussion group, LeaptheHaha, which many found rather confusing to use! This will be closed in due course, after we are confident that everyone has moved across.

We look forward to seeing you on the Forum soon!



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